NLA Premier League

Avenues United Kingstown Awesome Fc Hope International Jebelle Layou Fc Largo Height North Leeward Predators Pastures United Sion Hill System 3 Fc
SV United Fc Volcanoes                

First Division

Bequia United Camdonia Chelsea

Glenside Ball Blazers

Greggs Fc Owia United Parkside Rollers Pride and Joy Richland Park QCesco Titans Richmond Hill United Sparta Fc
SV United Fc Volcanoes                

Second Division

Brownstown United DESCO K and R Strikers Police SVG Rocksdale Sharpes 09 Sharpes United Toni Store Jugglers    


Dove Fc Green Hill Hill View JG & Sons Stingers Prospect United Roseans Strike Force United Strikers Zodiac Bequia