Digicel Premier League

Barbados Defense Force Brittons Hill United Deacons Black Rock Ellerton Fc Empire Club Notre Dame SC Paradise FC St Andrew Lions Silver Sands Fc UWI Blackbirds
Weymouth Wales Wotton Fc                

Division One

Bagatelle SSC Barbados BSA Barbados Defense Force SC Black Spurs Central League Spartans Haynesville Ivy Rovers Porey Springs Fc Potential Ballers Pride of Gall Hill
Rendez-vous Fc Whitehall Titans Youth Milan              


Barbados Youth Service Belfield SC Beverley Hills Carlton Club Cosmos Bridgetown Diamondshire Fc Eden Stars Fc Exactly Unified Fitts Village Hothersal Turning
Kick Start Fc L and R United Mavericks SCI Maxwell SC Parish Land Fc Pinelands Fc Red and White United Pro Shottas St John Sonnets Transport Board SC
Waterford Compton Fc Welchman Hall Wildey SA Wildey SCC